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Our Mission Vision Statement

Global banking has changed rapidly and SHREE VISWA BHARATHI NIDHI LTD has worked hard to adapt to these changes. The bank looks forward to the future with excitement and a commitment to bring greater benefits to our members. SHREE VISWA BHARATHI, with years of dedicated service to the Nation through active financial participation in all segments of the economy -Banking, Agriculture, Industry, Trade & Commerce, Service Sector, Infrastructure Sector etc., is keeping pace with the changing environment. SHREE VISWA BHARATHI has marched into the 21st Century matched with dynamism and growth!

Our Commitment

“You can employ men and hire hands to work for you, but you must win their hearts to have them work With you”
Even if you haven’t contemplated a career with Nidhi Company, with us you’ll have a rewarding career you’ve always dreamed of.

Shree Viswa Bharathi Nidhi Ltd. believe in building a relationship with our external and Internal customers our manpower-Human Capital, therefore we look for people possessing a go-getter, passion to excel, can-do attitude, innate talent for success, personable nature and unwavering integrity, if you have it in you, we’ll nurture you, provide the necessary tools and the training to deliver excellent service and creative solutions that will build long-term client relationships and a fulfilling career.

We Value our People

At Shree Viswa Bharathi Nidhi Ltd. we believe that the most important factor which provides sustainable competitive advantage in our business is our people. We strive to create an environment to attract and nurture them.

Great Team to Work With

We realize the relationships are vital for people to work together. As a cohesive team we value integrity by honoring commitments and biding by ethics. The teams are aligned towards the overall purpose of the bank and are constantly aiming to achieve greater heights and superior results that make a visible difference.

Open Communication

We believe in the power of open communication. The 2-way communication culture leads to contribution of ideas and suggestions towards incomparable customer service delivery, unique and diverse product features and continuous process improvement. Trust is earned and preserved through active engagement and collaboration with colleagues, across departments.

Equal opportunity employer

We believe strongly in fostering an inclusive environment where every individual’s unique perspective, background and experiences are valued and recognized. We encourage the variety of thoughts and perspectives that reflect the diversity of our markets, customers and workforces.

Career Growth

At Shree Viswa Bharathi Nidhi Ltd. We take pride in growth of our own people. Through a number of training and mentoring programs. We strive to give every employee an opportunity to grow and hone him/her in the preferred area to realize their full potential. Performance and making a difference at the organizational level is the key to success.

Performance based rewards

At Shree Viswa Bharathi Nidhi Ltd. Work well done never goes unrewarded. We ensure that our people are well rewarded for high level of performance, exceptional contribution, exemplary behavior and making a difference to the bank’s success.
Industry leadership

With some of the renowned names in the industry being a part of our bank, we strive to be the preferred financial services provider in the country. We focus on quality, delightful experience for our customers and drive innovation with best in class services and products.

Personal impact

At Shree Viswa Bharathi Nidhi Ltd. Ownership is the core which has enabled the bank of grow at a remarkably fast pace. Personal ownership enabled our people to achieve exceptional quality in their work. Accountability helps in risk management instead of risk avoidance. While working with Shree Viswa Bharathi. Your impact on your work is greater than you can imagine.

Commitment to the SHREE VISWA BHARATHI

At Shree Viswa Bharathi Nidhi Ltd. recognizes its duty as a responsible corporate citizen to help strengthen the communities in which we live and work. Shree Viswa Bharathi Nidhi Ltd. Foundation was setup as a public trust in 2016 to carry out the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of Shree Viswa Bharathi Nidhi Ltd. With our continued efforts to elevate the education levels in India, in 2016 we ventured into the domain of providing sustainable livelihoods.