Kisan Nidhi


Shree Viswa Bharathi Kisan Bond is Term Deposit Product where in depositor gets Three Times of his/her deposit amount in a Specification time period.


  • An Individual in his/her own name.
  • Jointly by more than one Individuals.
  • In the name of Trusts, Associations, Educational Institutions, Partnership Firms.
  • Companies and any other,Institutions, which are eligible to open a term Deposit account, as per Nidhi Company Rules.

Minimum Deposit Amount

INR 5,000/- and further in multiple of INR 1,000/-

Maturity Value

On Due Date INR 5,000/- shall accumulate into INR 15,000/-


10 Year (120 Months)

Premature Payment

  • Not Available up to 3 Years.
  • Interest Rate Applicable on withdrawal after 3 years as per Nidhi Company Terms & Conditions.

Nomination Facility

Nomination Facility Available.

Loan Facility

  • Not Available up to 1 Years.
  • Maximum of 60% against deposit amount after 1 year.
  • Interest rate shall be applicable as per Nidhi Company’s Terms & Conditions